Arrezt® Nasal Oral Spray and Gargle

Arrezt® is a game changer. Our products are the first antiseptic in the market to foray into a new direction of infection and transmission control.

Our nose and mouth are gateways for getting an infection as well as transmitting infectious germs to others. Arrezt® products contain Povidone Iodine that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses in the nose, throat & mouth. This minimizes the risk of getting an infection from community exposure and also reduces the chance of transmitting to others.

Arrezt® is truly the First Line of Defense. 

Arrezt® Nasal Oral Spray

It contains Povidone Iodine (PVP-I), a broad spectrum antiseptic, in a single spray applicator for use in both the nose and throat. It is designed to be carried around and to be used as needed. Arrezt® Nasal Oral Spray protects you and the people around you by killing infectious bacteria, fungi and viruses (eg. influenza, HFMD) that invade your nose and throat. This limits the risk of transmission via aerosols and droplets when you talk, sneeze, cough or breathe. In addition, it reduces the chance of you getting an infection, co-infection, secondary infection and the subsequent development of severe illnesses.

Arrezt® Gargle

Containing the active ingredient, Povidone Iodine (PVP-I), Arrezt® Gargle is designed to maximally focus killing bacteria, fungi and viruses (eg. Strep Throat) in your mouth and throat. It reduces the risk of transmitting infectious germs to your family members and the community through aerosols and droplets. It helps to lessen the risk of you getting an infection, co-infection, secondary infection and the subsequent development of severe illnesses. This product is also specially formulated for your good dental health, preventing cavities and gum disease. 

How Arrezt is Different

• It is NOT a steroid product.

• It is NOT an irrigation product.

• It is NOT a product that targets and inactivates viruses only.

• It is NOT a product for only symptomatic relief for sore throat or runny nose.

1st antiseptic in the market:

• Reduce risk of getting an infection, co- infection & secondary infection from community exposure

Minimize chance of human transmission of infectious germs

2-in-1 nasal & oral spray function in a single spray applicator

• Use organic ingredients & contain no PG, glycerin, polysorbates, etc.

Truly the first line defense for both the vaccinated & the unvaccinated.

How Arrezt® works

Intramuscular vaccinations help to produce systemic immunity. It is equivalent to having many soldiers inside the country (body), but with no soldiers guarding the borders – upper respiratory tract (nose, mouth, nasopharynx and oropharynx). This means infectious pathogens can infect you when they enter your upper respiratory tract. At the same time intramuscular vaccination does not stop transmission of these contagious bacteria and viruses from leaving your nose and mouth to the people around you.

So, how can Arrezt® protect you from getting infected in the first place and minimize transmission?

Arrezt® Nasal Oral Spray and Gargle contains a proprietary blend of broad spectrum antiseptic Povidone Iodine (PVP-I), xylitol and Zemea. It kills a wide gamut of bacteria, fungi and viruses in your upper respiratory tract. In addition, it acts as a viral decoy, reduces adhesions of pathogens to cells, inhibits growth of pathogens and reduces inflammation. 

Arrezt® acts as ‘border guards’ and the first line of defense to kill the infectious pathogens as they enter your upper respiratory tract from inhalation and contaminated objects.  When the pathogen load is reduced in the upper respiratory tract, this minimizes the risk of:

• A potential infection, co-infection and secondary infection causing severe disease, complications and hospitalization.  

• Spreading infectious pathogens to your loved ones at home and the community. 

How Arrezt® helps you

Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in the nose, throat and mouth
Reduces risk of an initial infection, co-infection, secondary infection and development of severe illnesses
Limits the chance of people-to people transmission
Helps recover faster from an infection

Safe Effective Quality


We keep our ingredients simple. We use medical grade, food grade and organic ingredients. We do not use chemicals and preservatives such as PEGs, PG, Glycerin, Alcohol, Polysorbates (sorbitol), etc. Your wellbeing is our priority. 

Click on the respective ingredient to understand how each ingredient makes Arrezt® a quality and effective product. 
<strong>Povidone iodine</strong>

Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) has been used since the 1950s. It is a safe and effective broad spectrum antiseptic with no known microbial resistance. It is a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.

The antiseptic action of PVP-I occurs when iodine is released in free form (free iodine), penetrating into the pathogen, resulting in rapid death of the pathogen.


This free iodine is inversely proportion to the available iodine. This means that Arrezt’s 0.6% PVP-I has higher free iodine than a 1% solution. BASF

PVP-I has been clinically and laboratory proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses (eg. Covid-19) that are found in your nose, mouth and throat that cause infections. It is listed by WHO as an essential medicine.

<strong>Potassium iodide</strong>

Potassium iodide (KI), a salt, is found in all povidone iodine powder in small quantities. It makes iodine stable. It improves the packaged stability of povidone iodine, preventing iodine from leaching through the packaging, and to maintain the sterilization and medicinal properties of the povidone iodine. 


Xylitol, derived from plants, contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a viral decoy, reduces adhesions of pathogens to cells, inhibits growth of pathogens and reduces inflammation. 

The addition of organic Xylitol to our products helps to ensure that beyond just protection from infections, it also moisturizes and protects the delicate nasal and oral tissues. More importantly, it promotes good dental health, preventing cavities and gum disease.

Arrezt® products uniquely use antiseptic PVP-I with Xylitol for the best efficacy against infection control. 


Propanediol is a natural, petroleum-free humectant, solvent, an effective carrier of active ingredients, a preservative booster, and a solubilizer. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well. 

The mucus layer provides an essential first host barrier to inhaled pathogens that can prevent pathogen invasion and subsequent infection. Mucus contains antimicrobial molecules and has potent anti-pathogenic activity. Propanediol hydrates and moisturizers the nasal and oral mucus lining, preventing it from drying and keeping it healthy.

It is made from fermentation of glucose and contains no added preservatives, no petroleum-based ingredients, or animal by-products.

It enables our products to be pleasant, safe and natural as it is free from chemicals such alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol (PG), PEGs, sorbitol and polysorbate.

Additionally, our propanediol is 100% sustainably and renewably sourced.

<strong>Essential oils</strong>

Arrezt® Nasal Oral Spray contains organic Spearmint essential oil and Arrezt® Gargle contains organic Menthol essential oil. 

Both Spearmint and Menthol essential oils have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Deionized/distilled water is used in our antiseptic products.

Who uses it?

• Healthy individuals 

• Healthcare workers

• Positively tested asymptomatic individuals

• Symptomatic individuals

• Hospitalized patients

• At-risk population

• F&B and Entertainment industry

• Educators and Students

• Travellers

• Sports and Recreational participants

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